Made Mindfully

Mindfulness is something that we can practice everyday through the choices that we make. Being aware of what kinds of things we are spending our money on, how they will improve our lives, wellbeing and our planet. Being thoughtful about who and what we are supporting and the people we are surrounding ourselves with. We invite you to become a Mindful Mover to bring mindfulness into your active lifestyle and daily lives too.

Who is a mindful mover? If you value your health and wellness, and want to make positive changes in your lifestyle to feel great. You strive to move your body in a way that you love whether it’s dancing, running, biking, doing a yoga class, hitting up the gym or even just going for a walk. Desire to invest in the future of yourself and others around you. Believe that being mindful takes practice every day and involves your mind, body, soul and a group of positive people who help encourage you.

Welcome to our mindful community!

We believe that people who move mindfully will also take value in where things are made as well. We are being mindful about our brand partners at the boutique, looking for products that will help benefit and provide value to the wellbeing or performance of our active community. But also keeping an eye on where they are made, and what materials they are made of. 

Fair trade and ethically made products are something that we value greatly. In a world where most people put the biggest value on cost alone, we want to be able to support small businesses, locally made and handmade goods that benefit the people making them too. 

Although not every product we carry at the boutique is sustainable, we want to bring some awareness to the dance and active community. We want to be a part of the change, aiming to bring in brands and products that offer more sustainable or organic materials. 

We value you! We value ourselves! We value the future of our planet! 

Let’s all be a little more mindful about the choices we make, striving to be a little better day by day. 

Here are some of the things that we love about our brand partners. Read more below.

Vendor Spotlight

Move boldly and beautifully, no matter what time of the month it is! This women-owned and Canadian-made line of sustainable activewear and gear instills confidence and helps you feel limitless during your time of the month no matter what type of exercise you do. 

The Boundless Short with leak-proof protection also helps reduce plastic waste in our oceans and landfills from disposable monthly sanitary products.


This female owned and operated company does 99% of the cutting, sewing and dying in Las Angeles. Their goal is to inspire playfulness, confidence and self-expression into every move you make. Grab some of their high quality activewear or loungewear pieces.


Public Myth

Ethically Canadian-made luxury activewear with equal amounts of quality and style. They use premium sustainable materials with natural fibres like bamboo and organic cotton. Their passion is for the planet and the people who love to explore it.

Public Myth is a Boutique exclusive brand. Come visit us and shop this unique collection.