Size Guide
For personal use and comfort they are made from 3 layers of 100% breathable pre-washed cotton with an inside filter pocket. This curved design fits comfortably over mouth and nose and also has a channel to insert the covered nose wire (included) to ensure a snug and personal fit. It comes with a fully adjustable elastic that goes through the side casing around the back of the neck and over the back of the head.  They are designed especially for those who prefer not to have elastic around their ears, require a more secure fit, or want to be able to remove it for periods of time without having to take it off fully. They are particularly good for those who need to wear a covering for an extended period of time as they are comfortable and adjustable for an individual fit. Fully washable, reusable and available in 4 sizes  - Men's (approx 6 1/2"x11 3/4"), Ladies/Teens(approx 6"x11") , Children's(approx 5 1/2"x 10" for 8 to 12 yr old)and Small Child (for 3 - 7 yr olds - note: for safety reasons the small child's size does not include the nose wire).

Made in Canada by My Own Design our personal face coverings are available in a limited variety of cotton fabric solids & prints. They are "made to order" with estimate fulfillment of a week.  

Packaged individually with use & washing instructions.  

Note: These are non-medical grade and do not include filters (although there is a pocket that may be used for this purpose)  And due to the personal nature of the product they are also non-returnable and non-refundable.