Bloch Sync Leather Lace up Tap Shoes

By Bloch

Size Guide

Practical Oxford inspired all leather tap shoe which is durable, stable and provides a balanced fit. New and improved BLOCH Mega Taps give optimal sound, making this pair ideal for class, rehearsal or performance. 

  • Full leather upper with reinforced eyelets
  • Durable, strong and stable shoe with perfect balance fit
  • New and improved MEGA taps with superior acoustical sound
  • Pro balance rubber pad attached under the ball of the foot for a non slip sole on tap surfaces
  • Cushioned insole for shock absorption
  • Engineered with larger taps that have been developed to fit perfectly flush to the toe and heel edges for optimal sound
  • Taps specifically engineered to be larger and perfectly flush to the toe and heel edges, providing optimal sound
  • Non-slip Pro Balance rubber pad under the ball of foot to allow flexibility
  • Soft cotton and leather lining for comfort
  • Strap and buckle attached with elastic for comfort and flexibility
  • Sturdy 1.5 heel for serious tappers who want both strength and style

    Fit suggestion: Select a tap shoe size that is one size up from your street shoe size. Ex: for a ladies shoe size 7, select a tap shoe size of 8. For children's shoe sizes of 1.5 and up, select a tap shoe size of 3 sizes bigger than street shoe. Ex: for a children's shoe size of 3, select a tap shoe size of 6. 

    Note: the sync lace up tap shoe is only available in ladies sizes and starts at a size 4. A size 4 ladies tap shoe will fit a children's shoe size of 1. 

    Style: S0321L