This unique and effective tool from Kissed By Glitter, makes a perfect bun without the need for a lot of pinning. Great for that quick change between dance routines, or to run to Ballet Class. Or when you just need to put your hair up and out of the way. Wrapped with synthetic hair in 3 different colours so they blend into your hair colours and are not visible. They measure 8 1/2" X 1" are easy to use and come with instructions. Packaged.

Available in 3 colours to match hair colour.

To use: one way to use this tool is to put your hair in a pony tail. Then place your pony tail in between the bunagami. Slide the bunagami to near the ends of your hair. Then roll up to the base of your pony tail. "Snap" the bunagami into a bun shape and redistribute hair evenly around the bun. Done! You can add a couple of pins for extra security, but they are not needed.