Hypnotize Lashes Vixen - 10 Pair Pack

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Discontinued Style. These captivating Hypnotize Lashes are made from 100% handmade cruelty free silk. A great addition to every dancer's competition wear.  Economically sold in packs of 10 pairs you can make one purchase for your entire competitive season. No need to worry about losing a pair at competition - you have another pair handy & ready to use. 

The Vixen style are very full & thick with a very dramatic look. Measuring approximately 1 1/2 inches across, they hang down about 1/2 inch in the Center and 1/4 inch on inside and 3/8 inch on the outside. They can be easily trimmed to fit smaller eyes. 

Use with the Envy Eyes eyelash adhesive. 

MOD is one of a very few exclusive retailers for Hypnotize Lashes. 

With care each pair can be worn up to 5-10 times.

Packed in plastic tray and box for shipping and storage.  

Please note this product is final sale.