Strawberry Sundae Vegan Lip Oil


Lipservice beauty roll on lip oil has a rich and nourishing organic and cold pressed avocado and jojoba oil base. Your lips will feel so soft! perfect for dry, cold weather or a light weight summer hydration. Not only can you use this as a lip treatment, you can also roll onto your pulse points to wear as a completely all natural scent.

Blended with an all natural strawberry extract preserved in glycerine. Smells like dessert! Yes friends, this is vegan!

These come in eco-friendly glass roll ons. You can also pull the roller ball out once your lip oil is finished and re-fill / re-use! 

Ingredients: Avocado oil, Jojoba oil Strawberry extract

10ml, Sold individually 

LipService Beauty products are made locally in Canada

For sanitary reasons this product is final sale.