Tspheres Perk up Aromatherapy Set - Peppermint & Pink Grapefruit


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Portable and easy to travel with, T Spheres are innovative self-massage tools born from over 17 years of research and development that combine the infusion of aromatherapy essential oil into a perfectly weighted patented rubber compound. Perfect to keep in your dance or gym bag, or bring to the office with you.

Infused with Peppermint and Pink Grapefruit

  • Peppermint’s Beneficial Qualities: Natural decongestant, improves concentration, pain reliever
  • Pink Grapefruit’s Beneficial Qualities: Reduces fluid retention, detoxifier, natural antidepressant

The aromatherapy infusion in the T Sphere massage ball is a patented process with each set infused perfectly and the color specifically in line with the essence of the essential oil infusion in the set. The infusion in manufacturing leaves no oily residue.

Includes Refresher Spray.

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Disclaimer:  These are for personal use only and are NOT medical in nature.