This collection provides a selection of products to help you look and feel beautiful. 

  • STAGE Beauty Company - Makeup that is made in Canada and cruelty, fragrance and paraben-free, hypo-allergenic, allergy tested and non-comedogenic;
  • Hypnotize Lashes - 100% handmade cruelty free silk lashes, customized to different eye shapes. 
  • Apolla Aromotherapy and wellness products as well as Shocks which are exclusively designed to help & protect dancers' & athletes' feet. 
  • pkTURN Natural Skin Care for body and bath
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pkTURN Foot Spritz
pkTURN Arnica Oil Salt Scrub
pkTURN Bath Salts - After Barre Soak
pkTURN Bath Salts - Sore Muscle Soak
pkTURN Bath Salts - Moonlight Soak
pkTURN Bath Salts -  Seaweed Soak
Tspheres for Apolla Aromatherapy Set
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Apolla Blend - Eucalyptus & Sweet Basil Referesher Spray
Tspheres for Apolla Warm Up Set
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Apolla Warm Up Blend - Rosemary & Peppermint Essential Oil Refresher Spray
Apolla Shocks - The K-Warmer
Apolla Shocks - The Performance Shock
Apolla Shocks - The Amp Shock
Apolla Shocks - The Joule Shock
Apolla Shocks - The Infinite Shock
Apolla Shocks - The Alpha Shock
Matte Liquid Lipsticks
Liquid Diamonds
Lip and Eye Primer
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8 Well Palette
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3 Well Palette
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Mini Makeup Kit
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Star Crystals
Star Crystals
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