Mobility Tape Heated


Size Guide

MOD is an authorized retailer of Mobility Tape Products. Great solution for all athletes and others who need a way to have performance enhancing mobility. Providing muscles and joins the support they need but still allows for full range of motion. It can be used to provide decompression or compression when applied to help keep you moving.

Heated Mobility Tape utilizes a unique adhesive compound infused with Menthol and Borneol to stimulate a heating sensation on the skin - Providing up to 60 hours of pain and inflammation relief per application.  No need to mess with creams, jelly, or roll-ons that provide minimal relief.  Easy to apply and durable under intense active conditions.  Waterproof when applied, allowing for swimming and showering. 


Comes in 2 sizes and a number of colours.  Regular size rolls are 5 cms wide by 5 meters long.  Extra Wide rolls are 10 cms wide by 5 meters long. Tape can be cut to the correct size needed. Information on usage and application directions available for review on line.  Include a note with your order or contact us if you require assistance, or more information on usage and application. (video or written info)

Active Ingredients: Menthol and Borneol.

The tape's effectiveness is best preserved when kept in plastic. Plastic containers designed to store regular sized rolls are available for purchase seperately

Mobility tape is approved by Health Canada as a Natural Health Product.