Mobility Tape For Her


Size Guide

Mobility Tape for Her is discreet and comfortable, letting you get on with life. It's also waterproof, making it gym, shower and pool safe. Natural pain relief! Try something new for natural, long lasting relief from period pain and menstrual cramps. 

The innovative combination of supportive kinesiology tape infused with natural ingredients (Menthol and Borneol) delivers soothing relief for up to 60 hours.

Comes in 2 sizes. Regular size rolls are 5 cms wide by 5 meters long. Extra Wide rolls are 10 cms wide by 5 meters long. Can be cut to desired length. 

Active Ingredients: Menthol and Borneol 

Application Instructions: 

STEP 1: Start with clean dry skin, free of any creams or lotions. Cut 3 pieces of tape to desired length - around 5-7" depending how spread your pain is. Round the edges of all of the pieces of tape and gently rub them between your hands to soften the adhesive

STEP 2: Peel the backing paper off one of the ends to create an anchor. Stick on your abdomen at the lowest point you feel pain. Stretch the tape upwards diagonally and stick down, without stretching. Rub gently to set the tape. Repeat on the other side.

STEP 3: Take the last piece of tape and peel the backing off the middle. Use the middle as the anchor and place on your lower abdomen between the other two strips. Stretch one side of the tape across the abdomen and stick, repeat on the other side. The stretch should to be tight enough to feel like the tape is supporting the skin.

The tape's effectiveness is best preserved when kept in plastic. Plastic containers designed to store regular sized rolls are available for purchase seperately

Mobility tape is approved by Health Canada as a Natural Health Product.

MOD is an authorized retailer of Mobility Tape Products.