Eyelash Growth Elixir - All Natural


Lengthen and strengthen your lashes with this all natural and vegan mixture of castor oil, vitamin e and fractionated coconut oil. Use on your brows or hair line too!

TO APPLY: close your eye and brush a thin layer onto the top of your lashes for best results. Product is oil based therefore we do not recommend you use with makeup; applying at night time works best.

Ingredients: Organic castor oil, Vitamin E oil, Organic fractionated coconut oil. 

10ml tube, Sold individually

FAQ’s answered here: 

Can I use this product with lash extensions? Yes, it's recommend using with an eye liner brush to target the lash line.

What happens if I get product in my eye?  If you do happen to get any in your eye use a carrier oil (such as olive oil, grape-seed, etc) or milk to remove the product from your eye. Water will only make you feel worse.

Can I use this product on my actual hair? Yes, not just for your lashes. You can apply this growth elixir to your eyebrows or hair line.

LipService Beauty products are made locally in Canada 

For sanitary reasons this product is final sale.