Threads Lifting Breast Tape

By Threads

Bra who? This extra-wide breast tape can be cut and stretched to fit your body's unique curves and achieve the exact look you want. The Threads tape is 7.5cm wide, works for all breast sizes, and can be cut and customized how you want! It is recommend to wear nipple covers with the tape. This tape is hypoallergenic, so it is good to use if you have sensitive skin. But you should always test a small patch first. 

For application: Be sure the skin is clean, dry and free of lotions. Using an alcohol wipe can help prep the skin. With fabric scissors cut the tape to the desired length and to the outfit you are wearing. Cut rounded corners for best results. 

To remove the tape: Gently pull the tape at a low angle and add your favourite body oil to help with removal. 

Pair the tape with the Threads Nipple Stickies 

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