Tspheres Warm Up - Empower Mint


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These Aromatherapy Infused Massage Balls support Warm Up and are infused with essential oils

Infused with 100% Peppermint essential oil  Made of a patented rubber compound (latex-free). Packaged inside a branded travel bag. 

45mm (about the size of a golf ball)

Self-care has never been so easy…or smelled so good!  These innovative massage tools infused with aromatherapy essential oils are a must-have tool for artists and athletes to relieve chronic pain, apply to pressure points, and aid in injury prevention.  Our Warm Up set is intended to refresh tired muscles, energize the body & the mind, and provide pain relief. Perfect in your dance or gym bag, at the office or on the go. 

Benefits of Peppermint Essential Oil:  A natural decongestant, improves concentration/focus, provides pain relief

*Rosemary/Peppermint Refresher Spray is hand-blended especially for Apolla.  This spray compliments the T-Spheres For Apolla Warm Up Set and can be used to replenish the original aromatherapy of this set.

Warm Up Refresher Spray is sold separately.  Yoga mat not included. 

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